What you see above was the parent strains grown from the same seed batch. This is a first generation cross strain so most of the seeds will lean pretty far towards either the mother or the father.


This is a cross on New420guy genetics La Berry Fruta and ILGM genetics Gorilla Glue.

La Berry Fruta 18% average X Gorilla Glue 22% average


This was a homozygous grow which means multiple pollen fathers were used. Male La Berry Fruta pollen was used as well as feminized Gorilla Glue pollen was used. The idea was that these seeds will have a better balance of phenotypes and more females.


Autoflowers are great for the beginner home grower. They require less equitment and care. By that I mean you can get away with using the less expensive lights and they require less defoliation and no transferring pots. Although high yeild technique performance growers such as Mr. Canucks Grow on youtube suggests some defoliation and has some amazing results defoliation is not required with these plants. If you chose to top these plants they'll require a very early topping. All around easiest Cannabis plants I've ever grown. Easier than growing peppers. 


The F1 data and display crop show that most phenotypes can get quite big in bigger containers reaching 3 ft tall on average in 10+ gallon pots. although they do well and stay much smaller reaching about 1 1/2ft to 2ft tall on average in 3 gallon pots. These numbers are with no low stress training (LST) or Toppings. Often times the colas fill out into a nice cone shape, but as seen in the picture they can sometimes in some phenotypes can be a bit chunky finish.


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12 pack of La Berry Fruta X Gorilla Glue Regular Autoflowers