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This is La Golden Gorilla Feminized Autoflower Seeds. This is a F1 cross of Gold Leaf (21% THC) x La Berry Fruta (18% THC) x Gorilla Glue (22% THC) Feminized Autoflower. All the parential hertiage of these seeds are THC dominate genetics so according to Medel's Genetics Law of Dominance the resin profile should be great. Great funky gassy with fruity to floral smelling buds glistening with a good production of Trichomes that go full cloudy and some even push to amber. Around 80 days seed to harvest.


$64.99 +FREE SHIPPING for a 15 pack of La Golden Gorilla Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

15 pack La Golden Gorilla Feminized Autoflower Seeds