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This is Gold Leaf Autoflower Feminized S1 in 15 pack size. The lineage of this strain is a bit of a mystery. The lineage is yet to be released by it's orginal breeder. This Large Auto can produce considerably nice yeilds. This Cannabis Terpene profile puts off the aroma of sweet pinene and lemon skunk smell and when the buds are burnt they put a taste in the air of the fore mentioned as well as a diesel and a spice provided via hints of Caryophyllene. This plant's harvest can vary in size due to training and pot size. Topping or LST (Low Stress Training) is recommended. This is considered a larger Autoflower, but she can be kept small by using Toppings or LST as well as putting her in a 3-5 gallon pot.


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$44.99 +FREE SHIPPING for a 10 pack of the Feminized Gold Leaf Autoflowering Seeds.

15 pack Gold Leaf Autoflowering Feminized Seeds