This is top quality regular seed. Two championship strains come together. F1 generation photoflowering period seeds

This is a cross strain of ILGM genetics on Gold Leaf (23%THC average) and Farmers Lab genetics on Northern Lights (20% THC average)

Regular Seed-Photo Period F1 seeds

Gold Leaf (Mother60/40)xNorthern Lights (Father95/5) Indica Leaning


This was a heterozygous grow which adds to the stability of this F1 generation already. Heterozygous means it came from all the same pollen father. Which was a very healthy Northern Lights Male from Farmers Lab Seeds.


The F1 data and display crop shows these can get quite big and even though ILGM hasn't released the genetic heritage of Gold Leaf our bet at NLSC is that we stumbled across a back cross. This is due to the intial cross being so sucessful and the plants being so stable and even in canopy structure. The buds do sometimes have a variation in color. Either they might be bright silver or bright green.

Minimum purchase is $30 for a count of 12 seeds +5.00 shipping

Total: $35.00 for 12 seeds including shipping


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12 pack of Gold Leaf X Northern Lights Seeds

SKU: 0001
  • This is a first generation cross between Gold Leaf (Mother) and an amazingly vigorous thick stemed Northern Lights Pollen Father (Gold LeafxNothern Lights) 

    Indica Leaning

    Short and stout plant structure with a nice dense bud structuring if temperature are kept low.